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What are 2020’s travel trends, and how can I follow them on the island of Ireland?

What are 2020’s travel trends, and how can I follow them on the island...

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Posted Thu 23 Jan 2020 5:12 PM
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So 2019 has melted away, and we have a bright, new year in front ahead. With that, here are some of 2020’s travel trends that you can enjoy in Ireland!

Friendmoon: The first of 2020’s trends is the new concept of friendmoons. That might sound strange but if you break it down it makes much more sense. It’s basically a honeymoon… with your friends, simple! Bond with your nearest and dearest with a group surfing trip along the Wild Atlantic Way or the North Antrim coastline; rent a castle with a and hire your own private chef; or explore the real-life landscapes that gave life to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones© in Northern Ireland. 

Undertourism: The flipside of overtourism, this means visiting in the off season and getting off the beaten track! Ireland – well, it’s in season 365 days a year, so grab cheaper flights, don’t queue up for restaurants, and explore our famous attractions without the crowds!  
Ancestral tourism: With 70 million diaspora around the world claiming Irish ancestry, 2020 is the year to trace your Irish family and to visit their homeland. Even if you’ve no Irish in your bloodline, a visit to EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin, will give you a fascinating insight into how far the Irish have travelled over the centuries.

Sustainable travel: With the climate becoming increasingly central on the world stage, it’s only natural that green travel will continue to grow through 2020. Especially for high-end tourism, carbon neutral and zero waste experiences will become increasingly popular. On the island of Ireland, there is plenty to do that’s unique, memorable, and environmentally friendly. Experiences like slow adventure, WWOOFing, foraging and animal sanctuaries are only some of the attractions on offer.

Motion based travel: According to UK cycling vacation specialist Saddle Skeddaddle, there has been a massive upswing in cycling trips worldwide. There are plenty of iconic cycle routes across the island of Ireland. You can immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the gorgeous Aran Islands by cycling the Inishmore Loop; or explore the old railway route along the lush Waterford Greenway; or you could try the route along Ballycastle, that offers spectacular views of the Causeway Coastal route, as well as the country roads of North Antrim.

Does our Community have know of any 2020 travel trends?

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