Yoga retreats and practice spots on the island of Ireland 🧘‍♀️

Yoga retreats and practice spots on the island of Ireland 🧘‍♀️

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Posted Tue 11 Jun 2024 3:50 PM
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Have you ever dreamt of practicing yoga in serene surroundings and maintaining its benefits long after the session ends? Imagine not having to return to the rush and noise of everyday life after the class is over...

Well, I did, and that’s why I decided that my next trip to the Emerald Isle will be totally yoga-focused. And there’s nothing better than a yoga retreat in Ireland to truly experience peace and relaxation.

Although Ireland is known, among other things, for its music, “craic” and festivals, anyone who has explored its coastline and countryside will soon realize that the island is also the perfect place to relax and reconnect with oneself, leaving behind the exciting city life for a while.

Below, I have listed places and experiences I’d like to try. Feel free to contribute to the thread if you have experienced a yoga retreat in Ireland, or just to comment and let me know which one you would try and why.

1. Yoga on the Wild Atlantic Way 

Some of the options I found are located in the beautiful County Clare, and they all look amazing!
  • The Cliffs of Moher Retreat center has an amazing setting, with ocean views from the main yoga room. They offer yoga retreats with different lengths, yoga and hiking retreats, relaxation retreats, and even a retreat dedicated to Wim Hof’s method! 
  • The Burren Yoga center: their retreats are suitable for practitioners of all levels and their location looks like the perfect place to escape and relax. They also have a special care for the food they serve, and this is definitely something I’m looking for. They offer yoga weekends and guided excursions and teach all types of yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga.
  •  The Shannon Estuary Way Retreat is located in a beautiful and calm area, and their yoga studio has panoramic views of the Estuary water way. They offer retreats, classes, therapies and training!

 This one also caught my attention when I first visited their page: 
  • Macalla Farm, Clare Island, County Mayo. Their location on the tiny island off the west coast of Ireland with dramatic scenery, makes it one of my favorite options so far! They offer yoga and meditation retreats and they produce their own vegetables and food. That’s a good choice if you’re looking for sustainable activities and total disconnection! Besides that, there are a lot of animals around!
2. Yoga in Ireland’s Ancient East

I’ve never been to County Kilkenny so far and this may be the right opportunity to do so, as this place looks so inviting and their courses and retreat are so interesting. 
  • The Yoga Barn:  they have ashtanga led classes among others, my own daily practice. This option is very interesting for those who don’t want to invest much time in yoga practice and want to also explore the island, as they have day retreats!
 I’ve already explored County Wicklow and its gems, like the Wicklow Mountains National Park, but it’s never enough and this place seems to have everything it takes to be a great yoga retreat.
  • The Courtyard Yoga Retreats. Weekend or day retreats, experienced teachers, homemade vegan food and a setting that it’s worth a fairy tale… Will I eventually decide to take this one? 
Not that far away, in County Laois, there is an enchanting place where to relax and immerse yourself in the green nature of Ireland’s inland.
  • The Blackhill Woods Retreat is a beautiful country house set on 5 acres of ancient woodland. The great thing about this place is that they offer the possibility to build your own retreat according to the time you have, the dates when you travel, etc. They also offer various natural and holistic therapies. 
3. Yoga retreats by type

There are so many wonderful options and places to choose from! It won’t be easy to pick up just one! I’m open to suggestions! 


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