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I plan on coming to Ireland in the New Year, what are the travel trends to follow?

I plan on coming to Ireland in the New Year, what are the travel...

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It’s hard to believe but 2019 is almost upon us and the travel experts have been busy finding the best places to explore! Magazines and websites are full of predictions of what the most exciting 2019 travel trends will be, and where else but Ireland would you go to try them out?

Carbon consciousness is set to be a key trend in 2019, and nowhere in the world is greener than Ireland. With our stunning landscapes and incredible vistas, the best way to see Ireland is by taking the scenic route. Ditch the car and head to the Great Western Greenway cycle route in County Mayo just off the Wild Atlantic Way. Here you can take in the breathtaking views of the coast, and explore the historic town of Westport.

Another big trend for 2019 is micro-trips, and there’s no better place than an island that can be travelled from top to bottom in eight hours! Even if you’re only here for a weekend, Ireland is easy to travel around by car or by public transport, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on anything.

You can fit all sorts of activities into a small space of time. Spend the weekend in Belfast exploring the thriving food scene and the vibrant city, or take your time and wander along the Bay Coast and while the day away on golden sands and blue waters.

Food will be on everyone’s minds come 2019, as people want to experience food that is authentic and unique to that destination. Ireland is known for its innovative and creative twists on local classics. Try an Irish stew in Jacob’s Well in County Wicklow, or head to The Wild Honey Inn in County Clare, which is making the most out of the local produce that surrounds the area. You’ll be sure to leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face!

People also want to discover their roots and trace back their family tree. If you’re one of the lucky 70 million people to have Irish ancestry, it’s never been easier to find out about your family history when visiting Ireland.

Pop into EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin, which tells the fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking stories, of those who left Ireland to build new lives abroad. It’s a great place to witness Ireland’s history and to start your adventure finding your family with one of their expert genealogists.

Where else would our community members visit in Ireland to follow the travel trends of 2019?

Posted Thu 20 Dec 2018 11:39 AM
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Thank you very much for this inspiring and beautifully written post, Ellie! 😊

I couldn't agree more, that traveling with the bike through Ireland, following the trend around carbon consciousness, is a great idea and there are plenty of routes for this exact purpose! Cycling the Kingfisher Trail would be another addition to your awesome suggestion for the Great Western Greenway! 

Walking and hiking in Ireland is also a perfect opportunity for everybody who enjoys being close to nature and having the freedom to follow his own path! If you are looking for the micro trips, that were mentioned by Ellie, you can find some amazing routes around Dublin or start a longer journey and follow the northern coast

For everybody who seeks a different type of adventure and wants to meet amazing people, the big cities like Belfast or Dublin are still the place to go. And you can believe me that you can hike not only around, but also within the city! Awesomeness, great food, drinks and especially nice people will await you at every corner! 

It is also awesome that you directly mentioned the rich history of Ireland, as well as the heritage and heartbreaking or heartwarming stories that can be found in the EPIC and all around!

I would also like to add some goals that are exceptional, but a bit more hidden! For example the Gobbins Cliff Path provides an amazing view, and just like Kylemore Abbey and the Slieve League Cliffs, it is definetly a clear recommendation for everybody who is looking for his unique and unforgetable time in Ireland 2019! 

Posted Mon 24 Dec 2018 2:23 PM

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