Wildlife at Home - Virtual Zoo

Wildlife at Home - Virtual Zoo

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Posted Wed 2 Dec 2020 4:50 PM
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I’ve always loved animals, visiting zoos, going on safaris and etc. While nowadays it’s hard to get to travel around, to see the world and connect with nature, I have found the perfect way to give a little bit of life to your daily lives.

Who knew virtual zoos are a thing? It sort of makes sense when we obviously know that zoos have surveillance cameras, checking on zoo animals, now they have a second and important use, that is served as the machine that allows us to appreciate wildlife from the comfort of our own home.

I have multiple choices here if you’d like to pay a visit to a zoo, if not all the zoos in Ireland.

First stop, we are hopping onto Dublin Zoo. Not only can you see short clips of various animals through the series of Dublin Zoo Safari Watch, there’s also 3 different web cam live streams for you to view these precious animals in real time! Tune it anytime!
- African Savanna
- Penguins
- Elephants

If you’re more of a person of sound, you might enjoy this audio guide zoo tour. On the website of Fota Wildlife Park (located at Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork), you can hear the sounds of animals native to Ireland. Check them out here!

Next up if you're a person who enjoys a smaller zoo with smaller animals, Tropical World (located at Letterkenny, Co. Donegal) ‘s website is a whole virtual zoo to dive into. You can enjoy a few video clips here and lots of wonderful photographs of zoo animals.

Lastly, for a more surreal experience, you can even bring a virtual zoo to your home! 
1. Use a mobile device and enter an animal in the search bar.

2. Scroll down on the search result, you'll probably find a session for you to "View in 3D". (Only a selection of animals is available for this feature) 

3. Upon tapping onto the "View in 3D" button, you can already see an animated animal moving in front of your screen.
4. Finally, you can also view in your space. Follow the instructions and let the animal be "alive" in your room!

You might even take photos with the 3D animals! Kids would love this! 💚

Which one of these virtual zoos would you try? Share your photos with the community if you've tried the 3D zoo!

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