Do you have any sustainable travel recommendations?

Do you have any sustainable travel recommendations?

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Posted Thu 17 Feb 2022 2:25 PM
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Of course! In recent years, it’s become even easier to make sustainable choices when travelling around Ireland. Here are a few suggestions.

First things first: consider using public transport while you’re here. All our public transport is overground, so you’ll still be able to take in the views while you travel. But for when you want to go off the beaten track and explore, walking is the way to go. Ireland is full of unique walking trails that allow you to head off the beaten track and explore. You could tackle the Appalachian Trail – part of the world’s largest trail, which stretches from the US and Canada to Iceland and Ireland and takes you through County Donegal and along the glorious Causeway Coastal Route. Highlights include the Bluestack Mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Giant’s Causeway and the lush Glens of Antrim. If you’re looking for something a little less hardcore, try a free walking tour around one of Ireland’s cities – a great way to explore while learning about the history and heritage of a place. Martin McCrossan’s City Tours in Derry~Londonderry or Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours in Dublin will introduce you to aspects of the city that you’ll never find in a guide book.

Alternatively, you could take to the water for a moonlit kayak trail in West Cork with Atlantic Sea Kayaking. This is the real deal: full immersion in the natural beauty of Ireland, complete with wild honeysuckle-scented air and otherworldly bioluminescence and the knowledge that you will be treading lightly on the environment.

Of course, one of the best things you can do to stay sustainable is also one of the simplest. Eat local. It’s as much of a treat for you as it is for the planet, given the quality of Ireland’s food and drink. You’ll be giving back to the community by supporting local businesses, restaurants and farmers’ markets. And by taking a food tour from a local guide such as Fab Food Trails in Cork city or NI Food Tours in County Down, you can combine sightseeing with tasty treats.

If you’re looking for sustainable accommodation in Ireland, look no further than Burrenmore Nest Lodges in County Londonderry. Stay in one of their treetop lodges where floor-to-ceiling windows immerse you in the forest surroundings. Explore the 82 hectares of forest and the wider 40 hectares of National Trust estate, and then in the evening cosy up by the campfire and take in the clear skies and bright stars.

If you’re more of an adventurer enjoy an eco-friendly stay in Delphi Resort in County Galway, which offers a wide range of land and water activities including archery and kayaking. Then, in the evening relax with one of their luxury spa treatments!

Speaking of luxury, why not check out The Salthouse Hotel in County Antrim, a hotel that is powered by onsite wind turbines and solar panels, lit by energy efficient LEDs and completely free from single use plastic. It’s a luxury stay without the guilt!

Do any of our community members have any tips for staying sustainable when travelling around Ireland?
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Posted Fri 11 Mar 2022 3:15 PM
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Ards and North Down is a stunning area in County Down, N Ireland which has been listed in the  “Top 100 Sustainable Destinations” for the fifth year running. 

With accommodation providers putting sustainability at the core of their business and Castle Espie Wetland Centre, an international exemplar of habitat restoration, sustainable design and green tourism situated on the shores of Strangford Lough, Ards and North Down is a great area to visit if you are wanting to mimimise the impact of your holiday.

Discover the natural beauty and heritage of the area with a local guide, try out some low impact activities on the waters surrounding our shores with local adventure centres or learn traditional Irish breadmaking skills in a restored 17th century thatched cottage hidden amidst the drumlin hills of County Down.  That's just for starters!

Would you like to find out more? Sustainable Giants in Ards and North Down

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