I’m coming to Ireland, and would love to know about great sustainable brands and crafts that I...

I’m coming to Ireland, and would love to know about great sustainable...

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Posted Mon 27 Mar 2023 9:01 AM
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From jewellers to candle makers, many businesses on the island of Ireland are doing their bit to ensure that they are as sustainable as possible in order to reduce their impact. And with a thriving craft scene, there are lots of local handmade blankets, ceramics, tweeds and baskets around that will last you a lifetime.

So where to start? Well, Ireland is famous for its beautiful jewellery and for sustainable high-end pieces, so visit Chupi’s flagship store in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre on South William Street in Dublin.This gorgeous jewellery is made using 100% recycled gold with traceable, carbon-neutral diamonds. Over 80% of the classic diamonds in Chupi’s collection have been recycled, and the business uses recyclable packaging. Finally, in order to reduce emissions, the jewellery is made within 100km of Chupi’s headquarters. 

Sea swimming is a very popular activity in Ireland, even in winter. If you fancy testing our island’s icy waters, or you’re just looking for some stylish swimwear, Kahm makes sustainable swimsuits using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a fabric made from waste material that can be recycled again and again! These swimsuits are available online, and Kahm also has two stores; one in Blackrock, County Dublin, and another in Letterkenny, County Donegal. 

Magee Tweed is also to be found in County Donegal. This family-run luxury clothing and fabric company was established in 1866 and takes a “slow fashion” approach, which means that it strives not to follow trends, but instead create timeless garments designed to last for years. For its fabrics, Magee predominantly uses natural fibres, which are biodegradable and renewable such as linen and wool; the company has also planted over 150 acres of forestry to offset carbon emissions. Visit Magee Tweed’s store in Donegal town, on South Anne Street in Dublin, as well as selected stockists around the island. 

Wondering where you can get the sought-after Aran sweater you’ve seen in all the movies, including The Banshees of Inisherin? Stable of Ireland creates timeless garments that are made to last, including the Aran sweater which is made from start to finish in County Donegal. This business works with natural materials sourced as close by as possible in order to reduce emissions, and it strives to run its business ethically and sustainably every day. Stable of Ireland’s other products range from swim towels to scarves, and they are available both online and in Stable of Ireland, Unit 2 in the Westbury Mall, Dublin city. 

Born & Bred is a studio and shop in Belfast that sells stunning locally-made clothing, accessories, gifts and souvenirs. This business was actually established by artist Linzi Rooney who strived to create an opportunity for other artists, tourists, and locals to come together and mutually support independent businesses. Linzi aims to make creative work profitable and sustainable while working alongside artists, manufacturers and suppliers to promote sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. 

For the perfect gift, look out for Earth Refresh in local markets. Based in Dromore, County Tyrone, this sustainable business offers plastic-free shopping as well as fruity candles, refreshing facemasks and coffee cups made from recycled rice husks. If you’re looking to get your hands on these products another way, it’s available online, and Earth Refresh pledges to plant a tree for every online order made. These products make the perfect gift, even if it’s a gift from you to you. 

Where is our community’s favourite place to shop sustainably?
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Posted Mon 3 Apr 2023 3:05 PM
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At Tom Crean Brewery Kenmare, Co. Kerry, sustainability is very important to us.  Tom Crean is my grandfather and a famous Irish Antarctic Explorer.   We are the first custom built brewery to include P.V. Panels i.e. we produce our own electricity to brew our beer.  I ran Tom Crean restaurant and accommodation for 30 years.  I make muffins for the restaurant and dog biscuits for our customers 4 legged pals from the spent grain.  We also convert the spent grain into silage and 2 years ago applied for a flock number and had 4 sheep on our garden.  The spent grain silage is twice the protein of the regular lamb nuts, hence our sheep were in amazing condition by the end of the season.  The beer and grain  is free from additives, chemicals and is vegan, hence the meat is practically organic, it tastes divine.  Last year we built a polytunnel to house our bio-digester.  This is run on the brewery, kitchen and animal waste.  Not only does it produce a natural liquid fertileser for the grass for the sheep and the crops in the polytunnel it also produces 2 hours gas a day for the kitchen.  We are currently working on 2 projects, 1 to grow gourmet mushrooms in the spent grain, 2 carbon capture, when this is released  in the polytunnel it will improve the crop growth by 33.33% and then with photosynthesis it will convert into oxygen.  We are about to replace one of our 2 diesal vans with an electric vehicle for local deliveries.
Not only do we brew Blas na h-Eireann Gold and Bronze awarded natural craft beers we also do tours.  Our regular tour is Saturday at 3pm but private groups can be arranged, email us or book on-line. Our Premium evening - "Féasta 's Oíche Scoraíochta" -Evening of Story Telling & Feasting Around the Open Fire.  Ballinclar Lamb Pie -I will demonstrate how to make brown soda bread using our Blas na h-Eireann Gold stout and assemble the lamb pie, using the lamb that was fed on our spent grain, this is additive, chemical and antibiotic free.  Whilst I'm cooking, Bill will proceed with the tour and tastings.  We will then continue sharing stories/information and enjoy lamb broth with the soda bread, Ballinclar lamb pie, champ mash, veggies, followed by Kenmare ice-cream and seasonal fruit.  You will pull your own pint, as well as tasting other beers.  Opportunity to sit in Tom Crean's chair.  I'll share family stories of my grandfather.  We will present you with an autographed, dedicated copy of our book - "Honouring Tom Crean" about our family centenary expedition to South Georgia and stories of Tom.  Minimum  of 2 and maximum of 8.  I guarantee it will be the highlight of your tour.

The Tom Crean Brewery Kenmare is also an approved venue for weddings.  It's unique, the only brewery in the world where a famous Irish Antarctic Explorer's daughter brews your beer.   It's So Good my husband and I got married there in April 2021. :-)
Cead Míle Fáilte - (100, 1,000 welcomes)
Contact us:
Tom Crean Brewery (tomcreanbrewerykenmare.ie)

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