Building a Travel Platform for Solo Travellers

Building a Travel Platform for Solo Travellers

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Posted Wed 1 May 2024 2:48 PM
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Hey All! My name is Pierre and I live in Dublin, Ireland.

I fell into solo travelling in 2018 as a result of wanting to travel but my friends not being available. I didn't know that it was 'solo travelling' and felt I was just being courageous in travelling independently and not being held back by others. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's found solo travelling like this.

I really found the joy of solo travelling in late 2020 when I took a road trip around Ireland for a month trying to visit all the counties in the Republic. Living in Ireland, I mainly prioritised travelling abroad and only through work and other interests, I managed to visit the main cities of Limerick, Galway, Cork and few other cities in between. Naturally, you neglect what's available at your front door in search for sun and more abroad!

The silver lining of COVID made me take this opportunity to see more of Ireland and its beautiful landscape such as Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way. I really loved the freedom with being able to jump into my car, pick a location and seeing where the road would take me. I decided that morning what I'd like to see and in some cases even that afternoon where to stay.

Reflecting on that experience and my other solo travel adventures abroad led to the entrepreneurial spark of thinking how I can make the experience better and where can I find other solo travellers like me. It wasn't until I started my research to find that there are many like me enjoying the freedom, confidence and benefit of travelling solo. However, it's not all smooth sailing and can be daunting to find out what to do, where to go and what to avoid.

After a couple of years working on this on my own while working full time and studying, I finally found other like-minded individuals who are on the journey to build a travel platform for solo travellers.

SoloBook™️ is in the early stages of development and would love to connect with anyone interested in learning more. You can find our waiting list here and can find us on all social media platforms @solobooktravel.

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