Dos and Don'ts in Ireland

Dos and Don'ts in Ireland

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Posted Fri 21 Jun 2024 1:51 PM
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Hey fellow travelers! 😄

If you're planning a trip to the Emerald Isle and would like to know if there are any special tips or things to keep in mind to feel right at home, you are at the right place!

Ireland has gorgeous landscapes, history, and culture. However, as with any visit to Ireland, it’s important to respect local customs and the environment to truly enjoy your experience. So, here are some pointers to help you navigate your Irish adventure smoothly:

  • Engage with the locals: Irish people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Strike up conversations with locals in pubs, shops, and cafes. You might just discover hidden gems and insider tips. The Irish really enjoy helping tourists to make the most of everything our island has to offer!
  • Experience traditional music and dance: Immerse yourself in Irish culture by attending a traditional music session or a céilí (Irish dance). It's a fantastic way to connect with the local heritage. Very often you can see traditional Irish dancing in many pubs across the island, complete with live music.
  • Explore off the beaten path: While popular attractions like the Cliffs of Moher and the Guinness Storehouse are must-sees, don't overlook lesser-known spots such as the Ring of Beara, the Inishowen Peninsula or Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. Explore the countryside, coastal villages, and ancient ruins for a more authentic experience. There are so many hidden gems waiting for you!
  • Consider all seasons: In spring, the landscapes come alive with colorful flowers and lush greenery. Summer provides long days and nice temperatures, ideal for exploring. Autumn brings warm hues to the countryside, creating great backdrops for hiking. In winter, Ireland's cozy pubs, historic sites, and festive celebrations offer a welcoming atmosphere. Each season brings its own unique charm, ensuring a memorable visit any time of the year.
  • Embrace the weather: You can experience all the seasons in one day in Ireland. So, make sure you’re prepared and pack your wet gear as well as your sunscreen and sunglasses! If you get into the Irish spirit you will understand how adventurous and liberating it can be to know how to enjoy the day for what it is.

  • Be concerned about your level of English: The Irish are known for their friendliness and hospitality, and they welcome visitors from all over the world. Many people in Ireland are used to interacting with non-native English speakers and are patient and understanding in conversations. You'll find that locals are often more interested in your story and culture than in how perfectly you speak.
  • Underestimate driving distances: Plan your itinerary accordingly to avoid rushing. Very often, you will want to stop so many times on the road that a journey from one destination to another becomes like a second unplanned itinerary.
  • Be in a hurry: Take the time to discover the island at your own pace, take the slow road, have a chat with your B&B hosts and enjoy freshly cooked meals that are often worth the wait. After all, you're here to relax and enjoy!
  • Limit your culinary adventure: You may have heard of staple dishes like Irish Beef Stew and Ireland’s world famous stout - the delicious Guinness - but they're just the tip of the gastronomic iceberg. There are plenty of traditional dishes you won't want to miss out on: Boxty, Seafood Chowder, Full Irish Breakfast, Colcannon and Irish Soda Bread; just to name a few. Furthermore, there are food festivals that allow you to savor the true flavors of the Emerald Isle, as well as farmers' markets where you can find the most authentic Irish foods.

Lastly, the experience goes beyond mere sightseeing; it's not just about the destination, it's about the journey. And what a journey it is! Throughout your travels, you'll encounter terms like "craic", a word that embodies the lively, joyous atmosphere found in Irish pubs, where music, laughter, and good company flow freely.

By following these dos and don'ts, you'll not only have a memorable trip to Ireland but also contribute to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Sláinte agus craic (cheers and good times) to your Irish adventure! ☘️

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