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Ulster Names (Petticrew)

Ulster Names (Petticrew)

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Posted Tue 1 Mar 2016 10:08 AM
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Question from Pat McCracken:

‪#‎EXPERTQ‬&A. My research is primarily based in Ulster; specifically I am hoping to gain further information on David Petticrew family. I have been tracking the various Petticrew families by generational locations within Ulster. While Petticrew is an unusual name and can have several spellings (Pettecrew, Peticrew, Petecrewe, Petikrue), I have had luck locating clusters in the communities of Newtonards, Belfast, Comber, Moneyreah, Lisburn, and Ballymena . Although first names are often repeated, the name of David seems to be unusual within the Petticrew family itself and does not appear often. This is what I have found for, Church Baptism Pettecrue, Robert, 1750 Co. Antrim; father David, Parish: ROSEMARY ST PRESBYTERY, BELFAST (PR)Church Baptism Pettecrue, Mary, 1749 Co. Antrim; father David, Parish: ROSEMARY ST PRESBYTERY, BELFAST (PR)PRONI Reference T679/237, June 1745-1761, St. Anne’s, Shankill, Connor, Antrim, Page 104: Pettycrew, Mary, daughter to David Pettycrew buried at Shankill; 17 January 1750-51I am passionately searching for additional information on David Petticrew (1713-1784) from the outskirts of Belfast near either County Antrim, or County Down. David was Presbyterian. He married Elizabeth Finley supposedly of County Armagh. Known children were Rosanna, Margaret, Catherine, John, James and Elizabeth. It is possible that Robert and Mary mentioned above were also his children as their baptisms fit David’s timeline. David died in 1784 in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. We believe him to be closely related (perhaps sibling) to James Petticrew who died in Pennsylvania in 1798.Thank you again for your efforts on my behalf. There was an article in the UHF periodical #35 regarding the Pettigrew/Petticrew DNA Project in summer of 2012. David and James Petticrew descendants were part of that project.


Thank you. As you may already be aware, surviving church records for the first part of the eighteenth century are not too common and crucially many have not yet digitised so without a specific location, other than ‘outskirts of Belfast’, it is difficult to offer specific advice on available church records. For example a check of our indexes ( for BMDs for Antrim and Down only returned a few results, none of which appeared relevant. You could consult the Guide to Church Records produced by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland ( and available as a downloadable PDF on its website will provide a listing of what is available. This will show available surviving records in Antrim and Down for the period. Given the period of time we would also suggest you use available census substitutes from the eighteenth century, some of which you’ll find on PRONI’s website, under the names section: And we would also suggest you check the Foundation’s own ‘Scots in Ulster’ microsite, as a number of sources from that period are also available to use at this location.Many of the major collections for the eighteenth century, such as estate records, ie. Leases, rentals, maps etc, which could be useful to your research are not digitised or available online and need to be consulted for example at PRONI,However to check what might be available you could look at PRONI eCatalogue for references to Petticrew/Pettycrew etc for the eighteenth century We are also about to begin our annual lecture tour in North America where you can find out more about the records available for Irish genealogy:

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