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Off the beaten track- Vagabond Small Group Tours

Off the beaten track- Vagabond Small Group Tours

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Hi Guys!

Nothing is more exciting than vacation planning, right? Especially when you’re planning a trip to Ireland! We are Ireland’s original small-group tour operator since 2002, here at Vagabond we specialise in fantastic off-the-beaten track tours of Ireland. We will take you to the hidden corners of the world’s favourite country. Our unique personal service, flexible itineraries and boutique hotels await you.

We have two types of tours, the Vagabond Adventure tours and Driftwood Journeys of Discovery. The Vagabond Adventure tours combine an imaginative mixture of breath-taking scenery, relaxing exercise, local culture and history and of course cosy accommodation. Our ‘Vagatrons’ (custom-built 4X4 Land Rovers and Mercedes vehicles)  will bring you to remote places where you can: Walk in the mountains, kayak in secluded bays, ride a horse on a remote beach, clamber over ancient ruins, learn about pirate queens, retrace the steps of pilgrims or search for your ancestors and more.

Our Driftwood fully guided vacations combine mixtures of breath-taking scenery, historical sites, local culture and cosy accommodation. It is a much more relaxed pace than the adventure tours with equally as enjoyable less active options. All the Driftwood tours glide along in one of our extremely smart and comfortable green ‘Drifters’ which is either a Mercedes or Volkswagen mini-coach.

If you have any questions about our tours or visiting Ireland in general we would be happy to answer them for you, or if you wanted to check out our website you can click on the following link

We hope you have a great time organising your visit to Ireland!

The Vagabond Team 
Posted Wed 9 Jan 2019 4:02 PM

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